Woven filter material

Woven Filter Cloth Series

Woven filter material

Woven filter material

The filter material of the bag filter is mostly made of manufactured materials. Due to some characteristics and filtering conditions of woven fabrics, it has been applied in many ways. The woven filter material is made of twisted warp and weft yarns or monofilaments interwoven by a loom.Since the warp and weft yarns are twisted, the density of the yarn itself and the interlace is relatively large. The filter material can almost only pass through the gaps between the warp and weft threads. Generally, the porosity of woven filter materials is 30%-40%, and it is straight-through.

Advantages of woven filter material:

①It can be made into a filter bag with higher strength and pressure to filter the dust with strong abrasion.

②Good dimensional stability, suitable for making large diameter and long filter bags.

③It is easy to form a flat and smooth surface or a thin soft fabric, which is beneficial to the dust removal operation of the filter bag;

④ Different materials can be used to weave filter materials with different performances;

⑤ It is convenient to adjust the tightness of the fabric, which can be made into a looser filter material or a highly compact filter material.

Disadvantages of woven filter material:

① Since the filtration is mainly carried out through the gap between the warp and the weft, the resistance of the filter material itself is large under the same filtering speed;

②The fabric filter cloth has a two-dimensional structure. Only after the formation of a dust layer can it block the smaller particles. When the dust is destroyed, the paving rate will decrease significantly.

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