Prerequisites for filter bag installation

Prerequisites for filter bag installation

Prerequisites for filter bag installation

1. After the installation of the internal steel structure of the electric bag composite dust collector is qualified, it is determined that there will be no open flame operation such as gas cutting and welding after the filter bag is installed, otherwise the open flame construction will easily burn the filter bag.

2.The pipes of the dust removal system are cleaned with compressed air to prevent the debris in the pipes from being blown into the filter bag and damaging the filter bag.

3.Arrange to install the filter bag after the boiler oven, pipe flushing, etc., so as not to produce a large amount of low-temperature, high-humidity, and high-oil smoke in these processes, which will cause the filter bag’s pores to be clogged and difficult to remove and increase resistance.

4.It has the pre-coating conditions for the filter bag, that is, the flue system is connected, the fan can start and stop normally, and the fly ash and ashing equipment are ready.

5.The compressed air path is unobstructed, the lift valve and bypass valve can move up and down smoothly, and the low pressure system of the bag area can work normally.

6.Clean the inside of the clean air chamber, and pay special attention to the oily dust on the edge of the flower plate hole to be wiped clean.

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