The reason for the “burning bag” of the dust bag

The reason for the “burning bag” of the dust bag

The reason for the “burning bag” of the dust bag

  • Burn the dust bag at high temperature

High temperature damage to the dust bag is fatal. For example, the pulverized coal drying kiln, because the pulverized coal particles are very small and extremely sticky after drying, the ash cleaning is not ideal, leaving a large amount of dried coal on the surface of the filter bag. And this kind of dried coal has a very low ignition point. When the high-temperature flue gas enters the bag filter, it will quickly ignite the coal powder on the surface of the filter bag, causing the dust bag and the dust collector frame of the entire dust collector equipment to be burned.

(2)Sparks burn through the dust bag

In addition to high-temperature burns, the sparks in the flue gas can cause serious damage to the dust bag. For example, coke ovens, drying kilns, chain furnaces, etc. will have a large amount of sparks mixed into the flue gas during the production process. If the sparks are not treated in time, especially when the dust layer on the surface of the filter bag of the dust collector is thin,spark will burn through the dust bag, forming irregular round holes.

(3)High temperature shrink dust bag

Another type of damage caused by high-temperature flue gas to the dust bag is high-temperature shrinkage. Although the use temperature of each filter material is different, when the flue gas temperature exceeds its use temperature, if its radial shrinkage rate is too large, the size of the dust collector bag will become shorter in the length direction and the bottom of the dust collector cloth bag tightly supports the skeleton and is damaged by force. If the weft heat shrinkage of the dust bag is too large, the size of the dust bag in the radial direction will become smaller, and the dust bag will be tightly tied to the frame, and the frame cannot even be pulled out. As a result, the dust bag is always under stress, causing the filter bag to shrink and deform, become hard and brittle, accelerate strength loss, and shorten the life of the filter bag. Since the filter bag is tightly bound to the frame after deformation, it is difficult to deform the filter bag during dust cleaning, which is not conducive to blowing dust, resulting in high resistance of the filter bag.

(4) The ash bucket dust heat storage burns the dust bag

After the high-temperature dust is collected in the ash hopper, if it cannot be discharged in time, the dust will accumulate in the ash hopper for a long time, causing the temperature in the ash hopper to continue to rise. The dust bag will become brittle and hard under high-temperature baking for a long time, and will be burnt in severe cases, especially the combustible substances contained in the dust will burn in the ash hopper, thereby burning the dust bag.

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