Advantages of coated filter media

Advantages of coated filter media

Advantages of coated filter media

The membrane-coated filter material has excellent performance. Its filtration method is membrane surface filtration, which intercepts nearly 100% of the filtered material.Coated filter cloth is called a new material that is indispensable for dust and material collection and precision filtration.


  1. The surface filtration efficiency is high.Generally, the industrial filter material is deep-layer filtration, which relies on the establishment of a dust layer on the surface of the filter material to achieve effective filtration.Large resistance, low efficiency, incomplete interception, large loss, high filtration and back-blowing pressure, frequent dust removal, high energy consumption, short service life, and large equipment footprint.

With the use of membrane filter cloth, dust cannot penetrate the filter material. Both coarse and fine dust are deposited on the surface of the filter material, that is, the filter material is intercepted by the pore size of the membrane itself. The initial filtration period of the material is effective at the beginning Filter, effective filtering nearly 100% of the time.

2)Low-pressure, high-throughput continuous work. Once the traditional deep filtration filter material is put into use, the dust penetrates and a dust layer is established, and the air permeability drops rapidly. When filtering, the dust accumulated inside causes the blocking phenomenon, thereby increasing the resistance of the dust equipment.

The coated filter material has micro-pores and its non-stickiness, so that the dust penetration rate is close to zero, and it provides excellent filtration efficiency after being put into use.When the filter material deposited on the surface of the membrane filter material reaches a certain thickness, it will automatically fall off, easy to clean the dust, so that the filter pressure is always maintained at a very low level, the air flow rate is always maintained at a high level, and it can work continuously.

3)Easy to clean dust. The operating pressure loss of any filter material directly depends on the amount of dust remaining or remaining on the surface of the filter material after cleaning. The dust removal time of the coated filter cloth only takes a few seconds. It has very superior dust removal characteristics. Each dust removal can completely remove the dust layer. The inside of the filter material will not cause clogging, and will not change the porosity and mass density. Always maintain low pressure loss work.

4)The coated filter material is a strong and soft fiber structure, which is compounded with a strong base material, so it has sufficient mechanical strength, coupled with excellent deashing performance, which reduces the cleaning strength. Under low and stable pressure loss, it can be used for a long time, prolonging the life of the filter bag.

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