Comparison of several filter materials of bag filter

Comparison of several filter materials of bag filter

Comparison of several filter materials of bag filter

1. Polypropylene

It is the most moisture-resistant synthetic fiber. The moisture regain is close to 0 under standard conditions. When under humid conditions, it only absorbs 0.6% of its weight and does not change its properties.

2. Acrylonitrile homopolymer (acrylic)

When the temperature is lower than 1250°C, it shows good resistance to organic solvents, oxidants, inorganic and organic acids.

3. Polyester

Polyester is the main filter material in the bag filter. The moisture absorption performance of polyester fiber is very poor, and the moisture regain rate under standard conditions is 0.4%-0.5%.

4. PPS (polyphenylene sulfide)

PPS is a high temperature resistant synthetic fiber, and its good temperature resistance and chemical stability are determined by its simple chemical structure.


Matamex fiber (also known as Nomex or Connex) is a meta-aramid synthetic fiber, which can withstand temperatures below 2000°C under dry conditions.


P84 is a kind of high temperature resistant synthetic fiber. It can be continuously exposed to 2400°C. P84 fiber is made of a polycondensation polymer, which is not resistant to hydrolysis.

7. PTFE fiber

1) Its fiber melting point is 3270°C, and its instantaneous temperature resistance can reach 3000°C

2) It has good low friction, non-combustibility and good insulation and heat insulation.

3) It can withstand the oxidation corrosion of various strong oxides and the problem of no hydrolysis reaction at all.

8. Glass fiber fabric

1) High strength, low expansion rate

2) Excellent corrosion resistance

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