Advantages and disadvantages of cartridge dust collector

Advantages and disadvantages of cartridge dust collector

Advantages and disadvantages of cartridge dust collector

Advantages of cartridge dust collector:

1、Waterproof, moisture-proof, abrasion-proof and anti-corrosion filter material.

2、Folding arrangement of hard filter material, no steel frame, no wear of filter material.

3、Surface filtration replaces deep filtration of dust and no longer penetrates into the filter material.

4、The dust removal efficiency of the filter cartridge bag filter surface filtration is much higher than that of the old type dust collector, greatly reducing the emission of harmful substances, and the air purification index has reached the world’s advanced level.

5、The cartridge type dust collector has no filter material wear and tear, and there are no moving parts on its body. It can be used for a long time without maintenance. It avoids the trouble of constantly changing the filter material of the old type dust collector. It saves money and time and effort without secondary pollution.

6、The volume and weight of the cartridge type dust collector are smaller than those of the same specification, which saves civil construction space and civil construction load, and saves significant capital construction investment.

Disadvantages of cartridge dust collector:

  1. Because the surface of the filter element is V-shaped folds, the fold tips are easy to break when compressed air is repeatedly cleaned.
  2. Because the V-shaped pleated space is small, it will cause dust to remain easily or accumulate in the V-shaped area and block the filter cartridge, which increases the filtration resistance, thereby reducing the filter area and making the filter element more likely to be damaged.
  3. Because the filter element is easy to be blocked and damaged, the frequency of replacement will be relatively higher.
  4. Because of the higher replacement frequency and higher price of the filter cartridge, the subsequent maintenance cost of the filter cartridge dust collector will definitely be higher.

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