Comparison of bag filter and electrostatic precipitator

Comparison of bag filter and electrostatic precipitator

Comparison of bag filter and electrostatic precipitator

Advantages of bag filter:

  1. High dust removal efficiency, up to 99.9%;
  2. Less ancillary equipment, less investment, and technical requirements not as high as electric precipitators;
  3. Capable of catching dust with high specific resistance, which is difficult to recover by electric dust removal;
  4. The bag filter has stable and reliable performance, good adaptability to load changes, simple operation and management, and is especially suitable for collecting fine and dry dust. The collected dry dust is easy to handle and recycle;
  5. The bag filter is suitable for purifying dusty gas with explosion hazard or sparks.

Disadvantages of bag filter:

  1. When used to process dusty gas with high relative humidity, heat preservation measures should be taken to avoid paste bag;
  2. When used to purify corrosive gases, suitable corrosion-resistant filter materials should be selected, and when used to process high-temperature flue gas, cooling measures should be taken. Reduce the flue gas temperature below the temperature that the filter bag can withstand for long-term operation, and use high-temperature filter materials as much as possible;
  3. Large resistance, general pressure loss is 1000~1500Pa.

Advantages of electrostatic precipitator:

1. Dust removal efficiency can capture fine dust below 1μm, which can control a reasonable dust removal efficiency;

2. A large amount of flue gas can be processed, which can be used in high temperature (up to 500°C), high pressure and high humidity occasions, and can be operated continuously;

3. With the characteristics of high efficiency and low resistance, the pressure loss of the electrostatic precipitator is only 100~200Pa.

Disadvantages of electrostatic precipitator:

1. The equipment is huge, consumes a lot of steel, and needs high-voltage substation and rectifier equipment. Usually, the output peak voltage of high-voltage power supply equipment is 70~100KV, so the investment is high;

2. High technical requirements for manufacturing, installation and management;

3. The dust removal efficiency is greatly affected by the specific resistance of the dust. Generally, dust with a contrast resistance less than 104~105Ω·cm or greater than 1012~1015Ω·cm will affect the dust removal efficiency if certain measures are not taken.

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