High Temperature Resistant Basalt Filter Cloth

High Temperature Resistant Basalt Filter Cloth

Filmedia® is specializing in filtration solutions, and we are a professional manufacturer of all kinds of filteration products. Basalt fiber filter cloth is made from continuous basalt roving or yarn, these
fabrics are manufactured to different thickness, weight, weave pattern, width. It is high temperature resistant, and can work normally in the 600℃ environment.
Our capacity: 2000 m² a day.
FAW: 200-850gsm and other customized weight is welcomed.
Weave: plain, twill, satin.

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Performance of basalt filter cloth:

  • Excellent high temperature resistant.
  • Good adhesion characteristics for coatings
  • Non-combustible and fire-resistant
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Resistant to electromagnetic radiation
  • High-performance applications from construction to clothing
  • Fire curtains for fire protection and containment
  • Wall laminate to enhance burn-through times to meet building codes and regulations
  • Filtration material for industrial emission stacks and bag houses
  • Roof protection from fire devastation
  • Fireproof clothing
  • Reinforcement in composities
  • Electromagenetic shields

Technical parameter of basalt filter cloth

Permanent Flame Retardant The limiting oxygen index(Lois)>70
High Softening Temperature >960ºC
The Using High Temperature >650ºC
The Using Low Temperature >-269ºC
The High Breaking Tenacity 3500-4800Mpa(Now above 2500)
The Low Breaking Tenacity 3.1%(normally between 2%-3.5%)
The High Modulus of Elasticity  1X104kg/mm2
The Material Density 2.7g/cm3
The Low Coefficient of Heat Conduction 0.035W/m.K
The High Absorption Coefficient >0.95
The Low Hygroscopicity 0.001
The High Volume Resistivity 1×1012Ω.m
Anti Radiation Lead Equivalent 0.0073mmPb

Basalt filter cloth not only has a perfect performance in resisting high temperature,but also can be degraded totally. It is a eco-friendly industrial material. Detailed information of high temperature resistance filter media is following, please click here!