Performance characteristics of bag filter

Performance characteristics of bag filter

Performance characteristics of bag filter

1、The bag filter is a high-efficiency dust removal device with stable and reliable performance, strong adaptability to load changes, and simple operation and management. The collected dry dust is easy to process and recycle, and is widely used in the purification and dust removal of various industrial exhaust gases. Compared with electrostatic precipitator, it has simple structure, less auxiliary equipment, less investment, and can recover dust with high specific resistance. Therefore, for fine dry dust, bag trapping is suitable.

2、The bag type is mainly used to control particles with a particle size of about 1μm. When the particle size of the dust-containing gas is greater than 5μm, it is best to use secondary dust removal.

3、The bag dust removal has strong adaptability and can collect various types of dust without affecting the dust removal efficiency due to the specific resistance of the dust. It can adapt to a wide range of smoke and dust concentration, ranging from tens of milligrams per cubic meter to tens of grams or even hundreds of grams. Moreover, when the inlet dust concentration and flue gas volume fluctuate widely, the dust removal efficiency and pressure loss will not be affected.

4、The bag type is not suitable for purifying oil mist, water mist and dust with strong adhesion. When dealing with dusty gas with high relative humidity, heat preservation or heating measures should be taken to avoid the problem of “bag-sticking” condensation.

5、The bag type has various specifications and is flexible to use. The processing air volume can be less than 200 ㎡/h to millions of cubic meters per hour. It can be made into a small unit directly located near the indoor dust-producing equipment, or it can be made into a large room.

6、The filter bag is an important part of the bag type. According to the performance of the filter bag, the corresponding temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other performance restrictions should be selected. Especially for long-term use, the temperature should be limited to below 280°C. When the temperature of the dust-containing gas is too high, cooling measures need to be taken, which will complicate the dust removal system and increase the cost.

7、The ash cleaning method can be used as an important condition for the selection, and the ash cleaning method is restricted by factors such as dust viscosity, filtration speed, air resistance, pressure loss, purification efficiency and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the cleaning method based on the main constraints: the cleaning method is selected according to the cleaning method and the cleaning system.

8、When the inlet dust concentration is too large, a pre-dust removal device should be installed.

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