Analysis of factors affecting the life of filter bags

Analysis of factors affecting the life of filter bags

Analysis of factors affecting the life of filter bags

As the core component of the filter bag , the cost of the filter bag accounts for a large proportion of the filter bag. The service life of the filter bag determines the performance of the filter bag.

1、The influence of filter bag material Room temperature dust filter bags include:

polyester needle-punched felt filter bags, anti-static polyester needle-punched felt filter bags, polyester-coated needle-punched felt filter bags and other materials. These can be used for a long time under normal temperature conditions. There is also a high-temperature dust filter bag, which mainly includes high-temperature resistant materials such as Flumes filter bag, glass fiber needled felt filter bag, PPS acid and alkali resistant needled felt filter bag.

2、The influence of high temperature to the filter bag

When the dust temperature exceeds 160℃, the temperature has a significant impact on the life of the filter bag. In principle, the life loss of the filter bag will gradually increase as the temperature rises, and if the dust is mixed with other chemical substances, the filter material is easily oxidized. Make the strength weaken, easy to break, the life loss will be more and more serious, and finally lead to the corrosion of the filter bag.

3、The influence of low temperature condensation on the filter bag

When the winter temperature is low, coupled with the local air leakage factor, the local temperature is likely to be lower than the dew point temperature, which will cause condensation, which will reduce the characteristics of the filter bag. In severe cases, the filter bag may be compacted in a large area and reach a certain weight. It will cause the filter bag to fall off, which will seriously affect the service life of the filter bag.

4、The influence of filter wind speed on the life of filter bag

After the new dust collector has been used for a period of time, the resistance gradually rises, and large fans can only be used to meet production needs, but soon it will be found that the ventilation of the dust bag has drastically decreased, resulting in a decline in the quality of the main engine or an increase in the dust concentration at the dust point, and the cleaning intensity is weakened and the life span is shortened. Due to the increased possibility of condensation inside the bag filter in winter, if the cleaning effect is poor, the phenomenon of bag sticking will be aggravated.

5、The influence of the air inlet method on the filter bag

The dust collector operates in a side-in and side-out manner. One flue corresponds to 4 chambers, so the pressure difference of the 4 chambers is relatively even. Once the pressure difference of one chamber increases, most of the flue gas enters the other 3 chambers. The pressure difference is balanced. But once a part of the filter bag leaks in a chamber, the resistance of the flue gas through the filter bag decreases, and the pressure difference in the chamber will decrease, and most of the flue gas will enter this chamber, increasing the flow rate and at the same time aggravating Wear of the filter bag.

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